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Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine In India

Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine In India
This Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine, semi servo baby diaper production line with strong steel frame, and the surface of parts adopt the nickeling process, use imported brand NSK or NTN bearing, and this machine installed with safety protection device, some humanization design and advanced technology and so on
Product Details:

Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine In India

Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine In India

Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine Main Parameter

1. Product Specification: XL, L、M、S ( according to the customer's demands)

       Whole length                   cotton core length

XL: 525mmX340mm ;          XL455mmX100mm;

  L: 495mmX330mm ;            L425mmX100mm;

M: 465mmX330mm ;           M395mmX100mm;

 S: 400mmX290mm ;             S330mmX100mm;

2. Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine Structure

Thick baby diaper: leak cuffs NW, cover sheet NW, ADL, wrapped cotton[bottom tissue or N.W+(cotton core mixed with SAP) +  upper tissue ], bottom Film, frontal tape(magic tape, position the cartoon on-line), side sticker flat cut, elastic waistline, rubber band of side leakage barrier, rubber band of legs.

3.Machine Design Speed:500 pieces per min(reference size: M size)

4.Reliable Running Speed: 350 pieces per min(reference size: M size)

5.Center Distance: 300mm (the distance between the material center line and frame panel of the machine)

6.Raw Material Distributing: absorbed layer above the complex bottom film

7.Tolerance of Weight :±5%

8. Percent of Pass:≥97% (without the waste caused by hot melt and material joint)

9.Working Efficiency:≥86%

10.Power of Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine:380V 50Hz

11.Machine Capacity:220KW(without hot melt & air compressor)(FYI)

14.Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine Size:30m(L)×6m(W)×2.3m(H)(for reference)

15.Baby Diaper Manufacturing Machine Trend:Face the operating size of the machine, from right to left (depend on your request)

16.Machine Color: can order

17.Convey operation surface parts nickel plating

Accessories with the Shipment (for reference, depend on the machine type)

1. Slitting blade:2 sets

2. Blade for water-resistant NW cutting:2 pcs

3. Attachment tools:1 set

4. Bagging machine 3 sets

5. Sealing machine 2 sets

6. Damageable belt:3 pcs

7. Flowsheet of the machine

8. Back transmission diagram

9. Electrical diagram

10. Self-control instruction

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