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Semi Servo Baby Diaper Machines

Semi Servo Baby Diaper Machines
this Semi Servo Baby Diaper Machines use semi servo auto-controlling system with high automation while the machine can be also upgraded as per customers’reasonable requirement.
Product Details:

Semi Servo Baby Diaper Machines

Baby Diaper Machines

Finished product of Baby Diaper Machines

Semi Servo Baby Diaper Machines
Semi Servo Baby Diaper Machine

I. Main Parameter

1. Baby diaper structure:(I shape)

Medium thick baby diaper: double layer leak cuffs NW, cover sheet NW, ADL, wrapped cotton[bottom tissue + (cotton core mixed with SAP) + wet strength paper with SAP], complex NW, frontal tape(magic tape, position the cartoon on-line), side sticker, elastic waistline, rubber band of leak cuffs, rubber band of legs.

2. Baby diaper specificationLMS

       Whole Length                    Cotton Core Length

L: 500mm x 330mm;               420mm x 100mm;

M: 450mm x 330mm;              380mm x 100mm;

S: 390mm x 280mm;               320mm x 100mm;

3. Design speed:400pcs/min(M size for reference)

4. Reliable work speed: 350pcs/min(M size)

5. Center distance: 300mm (the distance between the material center line and frame panel of the machine)

6. Raw material distributing: absorbed layer above the complex NW

II. Basic Configuration

1.crusher system(with door)

2.Cotton forming

3. SAP feeding system

5. Puffed paper or tissue on top layer supply(hydrophilic)

6. Bottom tissue supply

7. Wrap the cotton core,transmit and compact

8. Cotton core compression, grid compaction, and then compressed by the cylinder

9. ADL material supply

10. Cut off the cotton, The tool rest is made of 45# steel. The thickness of the inner and outer side plate is 40mm.

11. Leak cuffs

12. Three-piece composite, fixed device adopts spray adhesive

13. Short cut of elastic waistline(elastic waist band )

14. Compounding back sheet supply(Hydrophobic)

15. Frontal tape feeding is controlled by servo motor

16. Leg elastic supply

17.Compact the cover sheet, ADL and back sheet

18. Side sticker supply (can use magic tape) With the cooling device

19. Infolding device of side sticker

20. External arc cutter

21. Scrap separation and waste collection device, the vane of the blower is used of straight blade, the power is 4KW.

22. Transportation by the belt

23. Fold vertically

24. Compact the products, adopts cylinder pressure

25. End cutting,the tool rest is made of 45# steel,the thickness of inner and outer side plate is 40mm

26.Three-fold product

27. Waste hole, self-eliminate(cylinder)

28. Arrange the finished products in line,arrange the pieces by hot wheel. The pieces can be set on the touch panel

29. Drive system

30. Wind path, air path

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