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Multiple Rolls Multiple Layer Packing Machine
Mar 01, 2019

Technical   Data
NO. NameToilet   roll 2 layer packerRemark
IGeneral description                                     
3Equipment Weight(kg)750
4Main machine size(L*W*H)mm5000*1800*1500
IIMain design data
1Running speed(bags/min)4-6bags/min
2Stacking way4rows*5lane*2layer
3Single roll sizeD:110   ,H:100provide   by buyer
4Packing size(mm)L450
5 W360
7Packing bagPremade   bag
8Material feeding controlPLC   control
9Bagging way(holding bag)Manual
10Packing materialPE,0PP
11Sealing qualitysealing   without open and without welding
12Thickness of material(dmm)more   than 8dmm 
13Total   weight2.2KW
14Power220V  50HZ
15Air0.5MPAprovide   by buyer
IIIMain parts
1PLC Taiwan   Delta
2 Touch   screenKunlun   tong taiChina foreign   joint 
5Main bearingHRB  NSK
6SensorEnke   from Taiwan or Panasonic
7Proximity switch,LeuzeGermany
8Soiled relyYangming
9Pneumatic componentAir   tac or Xingcheng Taiwan 
IV Packing List
No.Spare   parts listQtyRemark
1十字螺丝批Cross screw1pc

2内六角匙Inner hex wrench1set

3开口扳手0pen   spanner8-10 1pc

4开口扳手0pen spanner   12-14 1pc

5round wire2pcs

6flat wire 6MM2pcs

7water pump AT-1041pc

8water tank 20#1pc

9Water pipe   0.9/1.3/1.8m 1pc


V Main feature

1      This machine can be connected with auto cutting machine, just   need one person to hold bag ,the convey belt auto convey ,auto stacking,auto   feeding into bag and sealing cut .    
2      Adopts   PLC control ,with touch screen data set ,with easy setting way ,with   temperature precise control ,to protect the heating wire and high   temmperature sticker    
3    This   whole machine with reasonable structure ,with good feature ,with solid   material ,will be more durable and main control part are import good quality   .and others are national standard top quality parts