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Good Performance Full Automatic Sanitary Napkin Packaging Machine

S table running high precision high tech nology advanced sanitary napkin packing machine G ood performance sanitary napkin packaging machine , full automatic sanitary napkin packaging machine The Full Servo Sanitary Napkin & Panty Liner Packaging Machine 1. S anitary napkin packaging machine...
Product Details:

Stable running high precision high technology advanced sanitary napkin packing machine Good performance sanitary napkin packaging machine, full automatic sanitary napkin packaging machine

The Full Servo Sanitary Napkin & Panty Liner Packaging Machine

1. Sanitary napkin packaging machine the scope of products packaging

1.1 Packing Specifications: L(80-150)mm × W(60-110)mm × H(20-100)mm.
1.2 The Single Size: the single size that after sanitary napkin production line folding.
1.3 The Stacking Height: ≤100mm.
1.5 Packing: Roll Bag.

2.Sanitary napkin bundle machine technical parameters

2.1  Main Engine 3D Size: L6.6m×W1.5m×H2.0m, The bottom have the height adjustment device and movable universal wheel.
2.2  DW: About 2800KG
2.3  The Device Power Supply (DPS): 3Ph380Vac±5%, 50HZ, three-phase four-wire system.
2.4  The Equipment Capacity:16KW.
2.5  The Packaging Speed: The stable working speed:50bags/min;
The faster working speed: less than or equal to 60bags/min.
2.6  The Air Requirement: Pressure≥0.5MPa,air consumption﹤300L/min(the supplier is equipped with gas tank, the buyer should equip with its own source)
2.7  The Noise: Measuring 1meter away from the machine, and 1.5meters high from the machine, the noise<85db(A) (Air compressor, air blower is not included, if required for the noise, suggest to do remote isolation)

3.The Requirements of Packing Material 

3.1  Material: PE or Complex Film, single layer thickness ≤70μm.
3.2  The fabric width of roll bag: 60-120mm;  The outside diameter of roll bag ≤500mm; The inside diameter of roll core: φ76.2mm (3 inch)
3.3  The roll bag angle line lateral width error range is ±1mm; the error range of the center line is ±1mm.
3.4  The error range of layout length is ±0.5mm.
3.5  The each layout of the roll bag should have color belt specification is 8mm×4mm at least, or that layout have two color belt contrasts with significant difference.
3.6  The inner of roll bag should not adhesive, and can be rubbed with light force.
3.7  The cut off length of excess material ≤20mm.

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