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Paper Converting Machines‎

Paper Converting Machines‎
This Paper Converting Machines‎, Jumbo Roll Rewinding and Slitting Machine is mainly used to rewind and slit toilet paper, non-woven, dustless paper jumbo roll.
Product Details:

Paper Converting Machines‎

Jumbo Roll Rewinding and Slitting Machine

Paper Converting Machines‎

Technical Date of Paper Converting Machines‎:

  1. Raw paper width: 1300-3150mm

  2. Max outer dia of raw paper: 1500mm (other size can be ordered)

  3. Inner dia of raw paper core 76mm(=3″)

  4. Paper Converting Machines‎ max speed 300M/min (500-800m/min need order)

  5. Finished roll width is adjustable (Minimum : 60mm need order)

  6. Jumbo roll stands : 2 (3 stands can be ordered)

  7. Finished product can use to produce Toilet paper ,Face tissue,Napkin paper etc

  8. Steel to steel or steel to rubber roller for calander system

  9. Pnuematic timing rewinding for rewinding system 

  10. Pnuematic braking

  11. Air-shaft rewinding

  12. Slitting system Automatic slitter control

  13. Paper Discharging system Automatic discharging (need order)

  14. Edge cutting system Vacuum suction edge cutting 3-5kw

  15. Power and Voltage Frequency conversion speed regulator 7.5-22KW depend on the machine model

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of paper converting machines‎ in China, Wangda Industrial has been engaged in this field for over 12 years. Please be free to buy our quality, precise and durable machine at reasonable price and check the quotation with our factory.
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