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WD-KSR-TPM Kraft Paper Slitting And Rewinding Machine

WD-KSR-TPM Kraft Paper Slitting And Rewinding Machine
This machine can slitting and rewinding the jumbo kraft paper roll into smaller kraft paper roll, and the kraft paper roll can be used in roll core making machine to produce roll core for toilet paper.
Product Details:

WD-KSR-TPM Kraft Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine


I. Functions and Features:

  1. This machine speed is about 120m/min. It is equipped with upgrade and gripping manipulator to upgrade, grip and adjust raw paper and improve productivity and save labour cost, also make the cutting and rewinding of raw paper more precisely.

  2. This machine use sword-axis to solve the problem of jumping of knife and make the cutting of raw paper faster and more steady.

  3. Adopting the technology of up and down two sets of rewinding to make the rewinding of the paper more precise, steady and solid, also more easily to feeding raw material.

  4. It takes the tensioning technology of pneumatic and friction disc to adjust the tension of paper and make better effective of rewinding and sole the problem of unstable and high cost of electromagnetic tensioning.

  5. This machine controls the electric circuit at the international-standard. The electric circuit adopts Japanese electrical equipment and installation to make the operation more stable and durable.


II. Technical Parameter:

  1. Width of raw material: 1700mm, other width is customizable

  2. Outer diameter of raw material: 1200mm

  3. Finished Product Diameter : 1200mm.

  4. Minimum cutting width: 200mm.

  5. Power of main motor: 7.5kw.

  6. Motor for raw material upgrading: 0.75kw.

  7. Motor for raw material gripping: 0.55kw. (two sets)

  8. Motor for products upgrading:1.5kw

  9. Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3Phase

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