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Simple Operation Full Automatic Serviette Making Machine with Attractive Price and High Technology

simple operation full automatic high technology serviette making machine high technology paper counting machine , simple operation napkin production machine, high efficiency full automatic paper napkin machine Automatic Paper Napkin Machines are very efficient, reliable and easy to operate .This...
Product Details:

simple operation full automatic high technology serviette making machine  
high technology paper counting machine , simple operation napkin production machine, high efficiency full automatic paper napkin machine  

Automatic Paper Napkin Machines are very efficient, reliable and easy to operate  .This high speed tissue paper folding  machine is very useful for those who supply big quantities of serviette. 

Napkin paper business can be big can be small ,everyone can do !
Start to be paper napkin manufacturer now !
You can benefit a lot from this simple  serviette manufacturing business!
Wanna know bags of napkin paper cost?  napkin tissue paper cost? Just contact us !
WD-NPM-180-500II  High Speed Napkin Paper Machine( with Color Printing )

High Speed Napkin Paper Machine Main Function and Features:
This napkin paper machine series take round type jumbo roll as raw material, process to various kind of fixed specification napkin paper. The machine starts from raw material feeding , embossing, folding and cutting. This machine has fast speed and high production.

High Speed Napkin Paper Machine Technical Parameter:
1. Unfolding size: 180-500x180-500mm (need order)
2. Folding way: 1/4 folding ( Other folding can be order )
3. With steel to rubber or woolen or steel embossing unit you can order
4. With  two color printing (the printing pattern are confirmed by the buyer and seller and can order 1-4colors .)
5. With tension control system to control the tension of different materials
6. Auto counting function a,utomatic correction device, to ensure accurate positioning, uniform size
7. Width of raw material: depend on the machine model
8. Specification of raw material: 14gsm-28gsm, 1-3 ply
9. Production speed: 200-300m/min( other higher speed need order )
10. Diameter of Raw material: 600-1200mm
11. Roll core diameter of raw material: 76mm
12. Wallboard structure to make the machine stable when run fast
High Speed Napkin Paper Machine can be double deck as following :

Napkin paper machine can add 1-6colors to print different pattern on the napkin paper like following:

Any special request for napkin paper making can be ordered ,our goal is to provide you all turnkey project for
producing serviette.
We will help you from research study ,from raw paper of napkin tissue ,factory layout ,machine installation ,
train your worker to learn the operation and sales napkin paper.
Our napkin paper machine can run 24 hours .It is very easy to learn the operation
It can produce one day 14400 -28800 bags of napkin tissue (depend on the model)
Napkin tissue machine operation and maintenance is very easy !
Demand of napkin paper increase and become stronger day by day ,it is time to start manufacture napkin tissue now!

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of simple operation full automatic serviette making machine with attractive price and high technology in China, Wangda Industrial has been engaged in this field for over 12 years. Please be free to buy our quality, precise and durable machine at reasonable price and check the quotation with our factory.

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