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Fast Speed Good Quality Durable Paper Towel Machine

Fast speed good quality durable paper towel machine fast speed kitchen towel machine, good quality kitchen towel machine, durable Paper Towel Making Machine How to make paper towel? what is laminated paper towel?do you know kitchen towel cost ? You want to be paper towel ,kitchen towel...
Product Details:

Fast speed good quality durable paper towel machine   
fast speed kitchen towel machine, good quality kitchen towel machine, durable Paper Towel Making Machine

How to make paper towel? what is laminated paper towel?do you know kitchen towel cost?
You want to be paper towel ,kitchen towel manufacturers now !
Tissue paper towel making is one of most profitable and potential businesses now !

Kitchen towel machine main function and features:
This WD-KT-RPM1092-3200IV kitchen towel machine is used to produce paper towel with lamination.The finished product is beautiful,fluffy and neat.

Kitchen towel machine technical parameter:










Max Width of Raw Paper

1350 mm








Outer Dia. of Raw Paper


Unwinding stand

2 Stands

Inner Dia. of  Raw  Paper Core

3〞(76.2) (Other Size need order)

Data setting

Human-Machine interface

Programming Controller


Machine Speed

150-180m/per min

Outer Dia. of Finished Product

90-150 mm (Other Size to be Specified)

Dia. of Finished Product Core

¢35-60mm depend on your core size

Machine size

About 8*(2.5-4)*1.9m

Machine weight


Machine power and voltage

5.5-32.5kw depend on machine model and configuration ;
380v 50hz 3phase(Other voltage can order)

Main Machine Structure

Wallboard type

Our paper towel machine are good from quality and we are good rom our service :

1.Paper towel making machine embossing roller with big diameter to longer time use ,and use laser engraving craftswork to get good embossing effect for kitchen towel   

2.Nice embossing effect for paper towel tissue and can print colorful pattern on the paper towel

3.paper towel can use different color of ink to get different laminated effect

Paper towel can be very fluffy and different pattern for your choices 


We have small towel paper machine for assisting new beginner who wants to enter paper towel business.
We have big capacity of tissue paper making machine for professional manufacturers who want to expand the tissue paper towel business.
We will help you to calculate the cost of both toilet paper and paper towel
We provide good performance, durable simple maintenance ,easy operation towel paper machinery
Our paper towel machinery can reduce labor work and electricity consumption is very small,the profit is the biggest!

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of fast speed good quality durable paper towel machine in China, Wangda Industrial has been engaged in this field for over 12 years. Please be free to buy our quality, precise and durable machine at reasonable price and check the quotation with our factory.

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