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Toilet Paper Making Machines

Toilet Paper Making Machines
Toilet Paper Making Machines adopting with advanced PLC programming technology, and variable speed adjustment , electronic brake and human-machine interface operation table. The multi functions mounting on this machine has won the favor and credit among users by their excellent performance.
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Toilet Paper Making Machines

Toilet Paper Making Machines Photo

Toilet Paper Making Machines

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Toilet Paper Making Machines Main Features

1. Horizontal type unwinding stands: pneumatic wide belt to feed paper, each jumbo roll has independent tension adjustor and left-right adjusting device.

2. Pneumatic lifting the jumbo roll function greatly lightens the labor intensity of the workers.

3. Auto stop machine function when material is used up will minimize the waste of raw material.

4. Continue adding roll core alarming device.

5. Rewinding Technology: The finished products from earlier loosening to later tightening when rewinding, which has solved the problem of the separation phenomenon between roll paper and roll core of the finished product after long time’s storage. High speed rewinding can reach the speed of 180-200m/min, that is to say, it can push out the log after rewinding in 8-12 seconds.( perforating distance is 110mm, the sheet number set as 200, it is complete the rewinding process in 14 seconds).

6. Auto edge trimming, glue spraying and sealing synchronously in one time.

7. Use the up-threading way to winding the finished product. Adopts front and back jogging button to guide paper.

8. Double Embossment, compare with Single embossment, this type can make the paper softer, both sides of the finished products have the same effect, and when making the product with the same diameter, the weight can reduce by over 15%.

9. Glue lamination system:

A: When produce kitchen towel rolls: glue on the convex face of the embossed tissue, and stick the two ply of tissue together.

B: When produce colorful rolls, to apply colorful glue between two and three ply of tissues, to make the tissue surface show various kinds of colorful patterns (the pattern as per the embosser' pattern), and the tissue will stick together without destroy tissue’s softness.

Toilet Paper Making Machines Technical Data



Max Width of Raw Paper


Outer Dia. of Raw Paper

¢1500mm (Other size to be specified)

unwinding stand

2 Stands

Inner Dia. of  Raw  Paper Core

3〞(76.2) (Other Size need order)

Data setting

Human-machine interface (the touching screen is optional.)

Programming Controller



Electronical / pneumatic

Machine Speed

180-200m/per min

Operating Speed

Toilet paper: 180-200m/per min

Outer Dia. of Finished Product

90-150 mm (Other Size to be Specified)

Dia. of Finished Product Core


Dia. Control of Finished Product

Electronical / pneumatic


4 pieces of circular soft knives, the distance is 108±2mm(Other Size to be Specified)

Perforating distance


Pneumatical System

Air Compressor, minimum pressure 5kg/cm2pa(offered by customers)

Control Voltage

regulated power DC24V(for your reference ,need order)

Main Machine Structure

Wallboard type

Mainframe Transmission

Stepless gear-box

Move Mode

Synchronous Belt

Main Transmission

Conversion adjusting 5.5-22kw

Optional function

Perforation  knife

4 knives :the distance is 90-160mm

2 knives: the distance is 180-320mm

1 knife: the distance is 200-500mm

Perforating control



Single Embossing, Double Embossing


Toilet Paper Making Machines Finished Products

Toilet Paper Machines

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of toilet paper making machines in China, Wangda Industrial has been engaged in this field for over 12 years. Please be free to buy our quality, precise and durable machine at reasonable price and check the quotation with our factory.
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