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Fast Stable Shrink Packing Machine

Fast Stable Shrink Packing Machine
This Fast Stable Shrink Packing Machine is a fully automatic shrink packaging machine including l sealer and shrink tunnel which can feed products, seal and cut film and shrink film bag automatically. It is widely used in maxi roll,JRT tissue, box facial tissue and so on
Product Details:

Fast Stable Shrink Packing Machine

Fast Stable Shrink Packing Machine

Machine Introduction of Fast Stable Shrink Packing Machine

1. Special durable alloyed sealing knife with anti-stick Teflon coats makes sealing strong and has better performance of heat conduction. 

2. Only adjust packing width and height by hand wheels without changing any molds and parts when packing size changes. Packing length can be detected by the sensor automatically.

3. Different products with different sizes can be packed together as promotional package.

4. Adopt Omron brand parts such as temperature controller, timer, relay, switch, and sensor.

5. Alarm for scrap film break or full. 

6. A pair of photoelectric switch in vertical for thin products.


Technical Parameter of Fast Stable Shrink Packing Machine

Packing speed: max. 35 packs/min (according to your packing size)

Sealing size: 570 X 480MM

Sealing height: 150MM

Packing width: 350MM

The packing size is: WIDTH + HEIGHT < 400MM, LENGTH + HEIGHT < 480MM

Machine material : carbon steel


Max film size: 530MM (WIDTH) X 280MM (OUTER DIAMETER)



Finished Product Photos of Fast Stable Shrink Packing Machine

Stable Shrink Packing Machine

Shrink Packing Machine

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of fast stable shrink packing machine in China, Wangda Industrial has been engaged in this field for over 12 years. Please be free to buy our quality, precise and durable machine at reasonable price and check the quotation with our factory.
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