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Durable Napkin Packaging Machine

Durable Napkin Packaging Machine
This machine has convey belt to transport the pile of napkin paper or facial tissue and uses one side open plastic bag to contain the napkin paper ,then cut and seal the edge.
Product Details:

Durable Napkin Packaging Machine

WD-82D-A Soft Face Tissue/Napkin Paper Bagging and Sealing Machine with Convey Belt

Durable Napkin Packaging Machine

Napkin Packaging Machine Technical Parameters :

Napkin Packaging Machine function : bagging and sealing one side

Packing Material: nickle chrome thread

Usage Range: napkin paper or face tissue (please point the specific size)

Napkin Packaging Machine Capacity : 8-12 packs per minute

Air Requirements: 0.5 Mpa

Power: 220V 50HZ

Overall Size : about 2530×600×1140mm(L×W×H)

Napkin Packaging Machine Weight: about 350Kg

Finished Product photos of Napkin Packaging Machine

Napkin Packaging Machine
Durable Napkin Packing Machine

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