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Easy Operation Safe Attractive Price Good Service Automatic Pocket Tissue Packing Machine

easy operation safe good quality automatic pocket tissue packing machine easy operation Pocket Tissue Packing Machine, stable handkerchief Tissue Packing Machine, fast speed handkerchief Tissue Packing Machine To start produce pocket tissue now?And after you get pocket tissue folder ,how to pack...
Product Details:

easy operation safe  good quality automatic pocket tissue packing machine
easy operation Pocket Tissue Packing Machine, stable handkerchief Tissue Packing Machine, fast speed  handkerchief Tissue Packing Machine

To start produce pocket tissue now?And after you get pocket tissue folder ,how to pack handkerchief? 

We have many choices for you ,the handkerchief packaging is simple and professional .
We provide turnkey project for handkerchief production .

WD-SPZ-TB350Bar Type Handkerchief Tissue Out package Packing Machine

Handkerchief Tissue Packing Machine Main Function and Features:
This pocket tissue packing machine uses transparent film to pack the out package of handkerchief packets.This machine can connect with WD-SPZ-XB200 Full Automatic Handkerchief Packing Machine or can use separately,can also be used for other similar transparent film packing.

1.Easy operation,can enter the related data on the operation interface ,to change the length of the packing film .can also cut according to the color mark on the packing film.

2.The film cutter adopts roll type cutting type ,power driven by the main drive ,film supply and feed is stable and reliable.

3.The main drive combination is driven by the AC motor, adopts the stepless speed regulating system ,and can adjust the packing speed in a fixed range.

4.when this machine has something wrong, the small packet machine without stopping ,there is rejecting device  between this out-package packing machine and the small packet packing machine, will not affect the work of small packet packing machine .

5.There is brainpower inspection system ,the machine will auto stop when something wrong.Like ,over burden ,etc and also can check when the film used up.

6.Big range ,can used for the similar size products packing.

Handkerchief Tissue Packing Machine Technical Parameter:



Packing speed

max speed 35bars/min ,stepless speed regulating

Packing specification

2X5 ,2X6;3X5 ,3X6 (should order)

Heat sealing temperature

100-300degree adjustable



Overall size

3.8x3.1x1.9m (L X W X H)

Power supply

380V(For your reference, need order)

We also have semi automatic type handkerchief packaging machine for you to choose 

WD-228KC Semi Auto Handkerchief Out Package Packing Machine

Pocket Tissue Packaging Machine  Main Function ad Features:
This semi auto packing machines is used to pack the out package of standard type or mini type handkerchief tissues.
Put the tissues with packing film on the machine feeding device,seal one side manually and it will automatically seal the other two sides.
The packing is done by machine instead of labor,the finished products look beautiful,
The whole machine adopts industrial computer control ,with precise positioning,and the packing speed can be adjusted fast.
The control main parts are superior import parts and other parts are national standard parts.
Pocket Tissue Packaging Machine Technical Parameter 



Finished products size (need order)

265×52×106mm or 265×52×72mm

Packing material size

345×340mm (standard type ) or 345×270mm (mini type)

Packing material

PE film

Packing speed



0.6KW 220V 50/60HZ(For your reference, need order)

Air needed

0.5 MPA (Prepare by customer)

Machine weight

150 kg

Overall size


As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of easy operation safe attractive price good service automatic pocket tissue packing machine in China, Wangda Industrial has been engaged in this field for over 12 years. Please be free to buy our quality, precise and durable machine at reasonable price and check the quotation with our factory.

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