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Pocket Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Pocket Facial Tissue Packing Machine
V folded Facial Tissue,Table Napkin Paper Machine, Tissue Packing Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Pocket Facial Tissue Napkin Paper Packing Machine, Facial Tissue Paper Packing Machine, 10 Packets Napkin Packing Machine Facial Tissue Packing Machine and so on.
Product Details:

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of pocket facial tissue packing machine in China, Wangda Industrial has been engaged in this field for over 12 years. Please be free to buy our quality, precise and durable machine at reasonable price and check the quotation with our factory.

Basic Information:

 Product Description

 Pocket Tissue Paper Packing Machine
(Rectangle Shape and Square Shape Pocket Tissues )

This Machine consists of raw material stands, embossment device, lengthways folding device cutting device, and transversal folding unit, equipped with a rolling to adjust the difference tension of raw material. adopting Step-less Speed Adjustment with good performance.

pocket tissue packing machine

This machine is with vacuum folding system. The paper web will be folded into small tissue which is easy to carry after being embossment, cutting and folding.
Adopts full digital centralizing control in this machine;
It is accurate in positioning high in automation level as nicely and tightly packaging of products.

This packaging machine have label sticker and date printer.

Paper size and quantity for each bag can be change as per customer's demand. Such as paper size can be 200X200mm , quantity for each 8/10 pieces.

MTFT-210-II(mini bags)MTFT-210-II(standard bags)
Packing Speed(bags/min)20-9020-90
Packing size
(length x width x thickness)
L:70 mm  
W:50-53 mm  
T: 23-28mm
W:50 -53mm
T: 23-28mm
Total power(kw)5.585.58
Main motor power(KW)1.51.5
Driving system(KW)
Step-in motor
0.5KW x1 set
Step-in motor
0.5KW x1 set
Transmission system(KW)
Total power of heating pipe(KW)3.4
Air pressure(MPa)0.5
Net weight(kg)1500
Overall dimension
(L X W X H)

Pocket Tissue Packing Effect:

31-2成品图片 手帕纸2-1 (1).jpg

Electric Appliance Parts Brand: 

Pneumatic ComponentsSMC
Touch screenWeinview
Servo motorPanasonic 


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